The end of sharing your vehicle with unruly passengers.

A pair of trousers in a bag never talks back, never messes up your car, and always does as told. Deliveries > Ride-sharing. Trust us. We've been there. 

With Blip, you'll make the same money, at a fraction of the headache.

What will I be delivering?

We partner up with stores selling a huge array of products. Not all deliveries are equal. Some deliveries like construction supplies, or spare parts, are more lucrative than others such as clothing/food. 

That being said, we always ensure that you're compensated well for the type of delivery you'll be making.

Need help? 

Contact us using the live chat in the bottom right. We'll answer all your queries - almost instantly. Whether you need help getting setup, support for your account, or just want to find out some more information, we're listening. Come chat with us anytime.